Career Development Plan – My future

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

This is a question that I have always been asked from a young age and in certain points in my life the answer changes. When asked now, as a university student, do I have a definitive answer?  A journalist. While I have answered the question, the answer itself is too vague as there are many different types of journalists in the world which is why it is important to understand which path I want to take as a journalist and as a person.

Matt Thompson’s article is a good starting place as he lists four types of journalists: The Storyteller, The Newshound, The Systems Analyst and The Provocateur. The article itself gave me an understanding as to who I am as a person and which type of journalists would suit me best.

The storyteller is one of the types that I can relate to, as I want to be able to share my story, my experiences, my success and failures to the readers. To be able to take the reader on a journey (while they are in their offices) with me and take a break from reality. I want to be an escape for the reader, an escape of their daily routing, an escape from their jobs, just simply an escape. While Thompson does explain that storytellers have a tendency to be consumed by their stories and forgetting about the reality, I hope to be able to convey my stories in a way where there is a sense of realism. To be able to stay within the realms of reality another type of journalist which I relate to is the provocateur.

The provocateur is essentially about always trying to look at a different angles with different topics and bringing out ideas which have not been realised by other journalists and readers. I believe that as a person who always seeks out new trends and information that a provocateur is a good fit for me which will allow me to always be ahead of curve by pointing new and interesting topics which will in turn attract the readers.

Fashion journalism is the path I want to pursue in the future and by taking provocateur and storyteller into consideration, I believe they are both good features which will allow me to create stories that are not only engaging to the readers by bringing life to inanimate objects such as clothing but also being able to spot interesting fashion trends which will interest the readers.

As a fashion journalist I do not want to focus solely on the fashion side as I believe that fashion is only a part of path in which I want to pursue. Entertainment and fashion go hand in hand and while they are different in many ways they are also very similar such as the red carpet for a movie, the clothes a reality TV star wore to an event or even the movie or TV show itself. To be able to do both fashion and entertainment I believe that being a generalist reporter would best describe the type of journalist that I want to be as I would like the opportunity to not always focus about a single thing but instead a variety of topics which will help me to grow as a journalist.

Looking back at the question that has haunted me since I was a child I can safely say that I am happy in the path I have chosen to become a fashion journalist and while there may be changes along the way I believe that with enough research and time I will be confident enough to walk the career path that I have chosen.

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